Are You Looking For A New Code To Purchase 5MB For 5Naira On MtnIpulse?, Then Here Is Another New Trending Code Introduce To You By Unlimitedapps.xtgem.com.

1. To Migrate To MTN Ipulse, Dial *406#, *406*1# Or Send 406 to 131.
2. If You Load Mtn 100 Naira Rechard Card, You Will Be Give 25 MB In Total, 5 For Facebook, 10 For Data Bundle And The Remaining 10 Megabytes For Internent Bundle. All Are Browseable (Useable i.e All The 25 MB Given Data Bundle Can Be Use).
Note: It Last For 7 Days ( A Week) And After Exhausting The Given 25 MB, You Can Also Purchase 5MB With 5NAIRA On MTN Ipulse Lasted For 24 Hours Which Means The Purchased 5MB Varnish Wether It Has Been Used Or Not At 11:59PM On The Day It Was Being Purchased.
To Opt-In (Purchase) Dail *406*5# You Will Receive A Message Of Confirmination. However You Can Double The 5MB By Buying It X2 Making It 10MB For 10NAIRA 0 But All Data Bundle Purchased Automatically Stop Working At 11:59pm. To Opt-Out 0 Dial *406*4#

Created at 2015-12-12 15:09:16
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Need 10mb cheat